Black Adam is in reshoot, announces Dwayne Johnson

The actor confirms on Instagram that he is on set in Atlanta.

black adamthe next DC movie, is currently in reshoot at Atlanta studios, as reported The Rock on Instagram. He writes : ” I’m happy to be back on the set of BLACK ADAM with our team of over 750 talented filmmakers to bring the final details and finishing touches to our film before its release.”

Beside Dwayne Johnsonmany players confirm that the JSA (Justice Society of America) is also present for the final readjustments. Quintessa Swindell (trinkets)who plays the role of Cycloneas well as Sarah Shahi (Lead in the head) Who’s playing isis, Noah Centineo (The Perfect Date) in the role ofAtom Smasher and Aldis Hodge (Invisible Man) in that of Hawkmanare on the film sets.

A DC trailer reveals new images of Black Adam, The Flash or Aquaman 2

The film features Shazam’s nemesis, anti-hero Black Adam (played by The Rock). Nearly 5,000 years after being endowed with almighty powers by the Egyptian gods and imprisoned just as quickly, Black Adam is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to bring his unique form of justice to the modern world. In the realization, we find Jaume Collet-Serra which was notably at the origin of Jungle Cruise and of The Passenger. Also on display will be Pierce Brosnan (James Bond: Golden Eye) in Doctor Fate and Jennifer Holland (Suicide Squad) in Emilia Harcourt.

The theatrical release of the feature film was scheduled for this summer, but was finally postponed to October 19, 2022. The cause: the pandemic having delayed the production of many films, special effects companies are now overwhelmed with requests. DC studios therefore had to shift black adambut also Aquaman 2 and The Flash.

Black Adam postponed to end of 2022, The Flash and Aquaman pushed back to 2023

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