Batgirl “will be between the Batman animated series and the Tim Burton films” [exclu]

Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi, the directors of Miss Marvel and Bad Boys 3, talk about the film Batgirl which will not be released “until after The Flash”.

We are editing on Batgirl “, confided to us last May, at the Cannes festival, the co-director Bilall Fallah. Came to the Croisette to defend rebel (very beautiful dramatic thriller on the Islamic State, its methods of communication and indoctrination seen from Belgium and Syria. Released on August 31), Fallah and his friend Adil El Arbi – they produced the pilot and the Last episode of the series Miss Marvelas well as Bad Boys for Life Where Black- therefore confided in Batgirl, their next project shot for Warner Bros. The story remains a mystery, but the film will focus on the superheroine, played by Leslie Grace. In the casting, we will also find Michael Keaton (who will once again take on the Batman costume), Brendan Fraser or JK Simmons (Commissioner Gordon, whom he had already played in Justice League).

It is rumored that Batgirl will be an HBO Max film and therefore will not be visible in theaters. Is this the case?
Adil El Arbi: There were hesitations to release it in streaming, but eventually it should probably be released in cinemas. If it’s good (Laughs.) inshallah ! Frankly, it was a crazy shoot for us. I was 5-6 when I first saw Batman by Tim Burton, he’s my first superhero. When Michael Keaton arrived in costume on set, I became a kid again, a pure fanboy. It’s really impressive to see it in person.

So it’s also a fan-made movie.
Adil El Arbi: Completely. We’ve always loved Batman and what Gotham City evokes. If I had to sum up the visual universe and the tone, I would say that we will be between Batman the Animated Series by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski, and the films of Tim Burton. And of course, we were also inspired by what Matt Reeves, Christopher Nolan or Zack Snyder did. But it’s a real Batgirl movie, not just a roundabout way of talking about Batman.

JK Simmons returns to play Commissioner Gordon, Micheal Keaton takes over the Batman costume… What does that mean in terms of continuity?
Adil El Arbi: For that, you will have to see the film (Laughs.)

Billall Fallah: And also The Flash, which will be visible before ours. As it was shifted (Editor’s note: June 21, 2023), that means we won’t be released until the end of next year.

Adil El Arbi: Because we follow on from Andy Muschietti’s film.

You saw him, The Flash ?
Adil El Arbi: No. It’s a rule at DC or at Marvel, you don’t see anything in advance. So when we ask them questions, they answer: You take care of your thing, if there is a problem, we will tell you. » (Laughter.)

And you can’t let go of the story of BatgirlI imagine ?
Adil El Arbi: No, they would kill us! (Laughs.) We can only promise one thing: you’ve never seen Gotham like this!

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