Arthur Malédiction: when the Minimoys universe turns into a nightmare [bande-annonce]

The world imagined by Luc Besson inspires Barthélémy Grossmann’s horror film (the Lascars series).

At the end of April, EuropaCorp surprised everyone by sharing a teaser ofCurse Arthura horrific production set in the universe of Minimoys. An unexpected project, since Luc Besson’s trilogy was aimed above all at children. The saga had also been a hit, both in bookstores and at the cinema, attracting more than 6 million spectators for the first episode in 2006, then 3 million for each sequel until 2010.
The director of the initial saga is a producer here, leaving the controls to Barthélémy Grossmann (known for the series Thugs, broadcast on Canal +), and it is a short film. A mini-budget for a maxi-trouille?

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As promised at the end of the teaser, the trailer has just arrived on the web this Friday the 13th. We find Alex, a fan of the films Arthur and the Invisibles since he was a child. For her birthday, her best friends surprise her by taking her to the abandoned house where the film was shot. None of them suspects that they are heading towards a Machiavellian and deadly trap. What was once a childhood dream will soon turn into a real nightmare…
From creepy neighbors to nocturnal attacks to the shadow of the evil Maltazar that appears at the end of the video, this trailer keeps the promises of its pitch. Besides, Curse Arthur will be prohibited for children under 12 when it is released in theaters on June 29. It will notably be worn by Mathieu Berger (seen in the series Sat Where Alice Nevers), Thalia Besson (the producer’s daughter, who had already appeared in Valerian) and Lola Andreoni (Plane tree).

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