An officially ordered Rick & Morty anime!

A new Japanese variant of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s crazy cartoon.

While we’ve been waiting for season 6 for a while, we learn that rick and morty are in the process of being declined in Japanese version. Adult Swim announces the creation of Ricky and Morty: The Animewhich will therefore be an anime – that is to say a Japanese cartoon with manga drawings – directed by Takashi Sano (Tower of God). Sano had already mixed the two worlds with short films Rick and Morty vs. Genocider and Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil).

Ricky and Morty: The Anime will consist of 10 episodes that will adapt the themes and events of the original anime series into the anime style, while also doing its own thing.

“The multiverse exploits of Rick and his gang pose challenges for the family, but they always rise to the occasion! This is a life-affirming show, and Jerry is no exception. I’m honored to ‘ve had the opportunity to tell a new story about this incredible family. I hope you enjoy their adventures!” reacts Takashi Sano.

Rick and Morty: The Anime is currently in production and will air on Adult Swim and HBO Max.

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