Amber Heard says her role was cut in Aquaman 2

“I really fought to stay in this movie. They didn’t want me anymore.”

The lawsuit between the ex-spouses Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continues, and they both reflect on the impact their conflict has had on their respective careers. While the actor detailed the reasons for his dismissal from the saga Pirates of the Caribbean following accusations of domestic violence made by his ex-wife, she too considers that she has lost professional opportunities because of their highly publicized divorce.

She thus detailed during her testimony, relayed by vulnerabilitybeing approached to shoot commercials, then being replaced when Depp published an open letter in the DailyMail accusing him of having lied and set up “a false attack”, in April 2020. The facts date back to May 2016, when they were still in a relationship. Heard claimed he threw a phone in his face, to which the actor’s attorney replied: “It’s just not true, it was a trap. They got Mr. Depp to call the police, but their first attempt didn’t work.” Shortly after, she filed a complaint against him, explaining: “I was exhausted, harassed every day and the victim of death threats.” She still obtained substantial roles during this period, signing for Aquaman and The Standthe adaptation of Stephen King’s bestseller. “I had a lot of work at that time. Then I had to make myself available for Warner Bros and Aquaman 2.” She then confirms having signed a contract in September 2015 with the studio stipulating that her character of Mera would return in other productions, such as Justice League Where “Other DC Universe Movies”. But when Depp published articles defending his own views on the court case, “communications with the studio suddenly ceased.”

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“I really fought to stay in this film, she continues. They didn’t want me anymore. Eventually, I shot a scaled down version of what was planned. I was sent new versions of the script which had reduced the action scenes in which I was present. In one of them, two characters were fighting a third one and they took out a lot of my role.”

In 2020, a petition has also been launched so that she is dismissed from this saga and replaced by another actress. His fate in Aquaman was particularly questioned that Johnny Depp was fired from another Warner franchise: Fantastic Beasts. The actor would have pushed the leaders of the studio to have her replaced alongside Jason Momoabefore finding himself ousted from the role of Gellert Grindelwald, who eventually went to Mads Mikkelsen.

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