After starring in 50 movies, Sandra Bullock wants to take a break

Both as an actress and a producer.

The Hollywood Reporter published a long article on the success of the Secret of the Lost Citythe adventure film carried by Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt. The American magazine reveals that the actress had initially refused this Paramount project, before thinking about it often and proposing a deal to the studio: she would accept the leading role if it was exchanged with the male character. If the heroine was more of a hothead and the hero more sensitive, she was ready to sign. Some time later, she officially accepted the project, and Tatum inherited the second role in the film: “Initially, there were no obstacles in the way of this female character, justifies the actress. And the masculine represented everything that we have already seen in the past. I like the fact that I’m not 25 anymore, and also that a man can show all sorts of things in this film that you don’t usually show in adventures like this, because by definition he has to be ‘an action hero’. Chan was up for it, so we went for it.”

The Lost City: Brad Pitt was convinced by Sandra Bullock and … her hairdresser

If the start of The Lost City was not exceptional, word of mouth worked, and he finally celebrated his 100 million dollars raised in the United States alone. A great success for the star of Gravitywho is thrilled to have teamed up with producer Liza Chasin on this project, getting involved in its production herself, through the company 3dot. “I just wanted a partner, I was so tired of doing everything on my own”explains Bullock, who, at 57, admits to needing to take a break after this adventure film, shot in the wake of an action production, Bullet Train. Invited to the SXSW festival, she hinted that she intended to take a break to take care of her two children. She, who has starred in 50 films since the 1980s, tells the American magazine that she does not have a duration in mind for this break. “I don’t want to be dependent on anyone else’s schedule but my own. I’m so exhausted, tired and unable to make smart or healthy decisions. I know that. I always I had a lot of work, I was lucky, but I realized that it was starting to become my crutch. It was like I was opening my full fridge all the time to look for something that wasn’t there. no. I said to myself: ‘Stop looking, because it’s not there. You already have it, you have succeeded, accept it, be ok with the idea that it is not by having work that you will be validated in the eyes of others.’

The actress and producer adds that she loved this experience with Chasin, but does not have a project in common for the moment, her need for “break” also concerning her job as a producer. Also interviewed, the latter confirms, while adding: “Sandy and I are going to do something again together. Maybe it’ll just be baking cookies. I don’t know yet, maybe a movie, but it’ll be good.” A sequel of The Lost City ? Paramount would love to, the article concludes, but for the moment, Bullock has not signed anything official, and obviously does not intend to do so immediately, even if it recently declared that it was no longer completely closed. to the idea of ​​shooting a sequel. After the critical failures of Speed ​​2 and of Miss Detective 2she had assured that we would not take it anymore, but last March, she admitted that with a good project and good partners (she then quoted Liza Chasin), she could well change her mind.

The Secret of the Lost City: Without Leaving an Address [critique]

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