505 Games’ co-op survival game shows up on video

The showcase 505 Games allowed to highlight some future games of the publisher, like Stray Blade or Among the Trolls, a new first-person survival game. The title, which is developed by Forbidden Studioa studio made up of industry veterans who have worked on Fallout 4 or Skyrimtook advantage of the conference to show us a little more gameplay, while announcing the upcoming release of its early access.

Survival alongside trolls (but not on social media)

Among the Trolls is developed on the Unity engine and is therefore presented as an action and survival game in which we play a 35-year-old protagonist, who will leave the United States following the death of her parents to go to her grandparents. parents who live in Finland.

But on her way, she will be attacked by a sea monster and will then have to survive in the forest, in particular by collecting resources and getting down to building a shelter.

But beware, nature does not intend to let you uproot all the trees in the area like in any survival game, since you will have to make sacrifices to the trolls in the area to try to appease their anger. If you can’t, then you will suffer the wrath of nature, with a darker forest and the appearance of disturbing creatures that will come to threaten you.

The title will soon be available in early access on Steam. No specific date for the moment, but the studio promises us that it will arrive in 2022.

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