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GRIS-GRIS FILMS was formed in 1994 as an independent production company  dedicated to producing films whose subject matter and message tap the highest aspiration of reelthe creative impulse.  GRIS-GRIS FILMS explores themes of timeless appeal and reaches beyond parameters of culture, religion and creed. Viewers of GRIS-GRIS FILMS regardless of their location, language or cultural background share a desire to witness film art that celebrates the courage of the human spirit.

MAANGAMIZI – THE ANCIENT ONE represents the first creative feature project under the Gris-Gris Films banner and brought together an international cast and crew.  The creation of MAANGAMIZI – THE ANCIENT ONE is the result of the collaborative vision of the filmmaking team of Ron Mulvihill, and Martin Mhando (directors/producers); Queenae Taylor Mulvihill (producer/screenwriter); and composer/musician Cyril Neville. Additionally, the support of Jonathan Demme, as Executive Producer has been essential. This unique story unites three distinctive cultures which form a drama striking in its universality.  Currently Gris-Gris Films is distributing three films, Maangamizi, The Marriage of Mariamu and Sharing is Unity.

Summoned to the majestic heights of Kilimanjaro, two women –one African, one American– are led by an ancient and mysterious ancestor on a primal journey of spiritual awakening.

MAANGAMIZI – THE ANCIENT ONE is a story about three women; a doctor, her patient and the ancient and mysterious ancestor who brings them together. It is a tale of healing through love, compassion and forgiveness. It is the spiritual journey of the soul. It is a story that seeks to reclaim the connection between Africa and her Diaspora. It is a story that dares to represent the histories of two continents as it peels away layers upon layers of pain and ultimately brings healing of the soul.

Advantages Of Document Managament Software

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Document management is an important process in any company or personal life. The activity entails a variety of things, including collection, storage, retrieval, sharing and security of documents. These processes are highly improved by the use of document management software.
A good, efficient document management system enables you to capture data easily and faster. It also facilitates storage of your documents in the right format for convenient retrieval. Furthermore, it security features ensure that your data is protected against damage or unauthorized access.
One of the most important challenges when working with documents is searching for and retrieving specific files. Good document management software eases this.  You can quickly search for particular documents from your database, saving time and improving efficiency in a business process.
Another feature of good document management software is the ability to inter-convert various document files to and from different data formats and types. For example, if you want to convert a PDF file to a MS Word document, you can use a document management program. The programs also facilitate visualization of data in various formats, including image navigation.
What is more, document management systems enable you to share files such as documents and images with other people within the organization upon a mere click of a computer button. Moreover, such a program greatly speeds and improves document retrieval and output. For example, you can connect your device to a printer to make print-outs of your documents.
The document management programs are designed with interactive user interfaces to make them easy and convenient t use. These interactive features help the user to save time when handling document files. This is unlike traditional processing of paper documents which is not only time-consuming, but also strenuous.
There is a variety of data management files. It is important to understand your specific needs in order that you obtain the right data management system to suit your requirements.

Precast Concrete Stone Walls

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Presently, concrete is considered as the universal construction material. It is widely available in many different parts of the world and is easy to mold into different forms, making it a famous construction material. And with today’s technology, concrete has evolved to make it even easier to produce, transport, and install, resulting to different uses and aesthetic finishes.

Among the innovations in concrete is the precast concrete stone wall. A precast concrete wall is a type of concrete wall that was manufactured in a factory. It means the concrete was not poured on site. Precast walls were originally casted horizontally on the ground using forms to keep it in shape. But with this first method, only one side of the wall can be given the desired textured finished. Luckily, another method was developed, the vertical casting. This technique allows both sides of the wall to attain the desired texture, such as the stone wall finish.

Stone walls were originally just stacks of rocks and stones piled up without the use of any mortar to hold them together. These stone walls were popular during the middle ages in Europe, particularly in Great Britain. Because the weather was too harsh for hedges and bushes to grow well, people turned to rocks and stones to build their fences and walls. And later on, the addition of mortar, such as cement, stone walls had improved strength and stability.

An increase in the demand for stone walls resulted to manufacturers offering cast stone, stones which are molded from concrete. Cast stones are not real stones and so they are cheaper than actual stone walls. But these precast concrete stone walls have the same finish as those European stone walls and they can have the same stone wall look on one side or on both sides of the wall. You can learn more at aftec.com

Benefits Of Internet Marketing

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Small and medium sized businesses can greatly benefit from internet marketing. Some of these benefits can be seen immediately while there are those that will happen in due time. Below are some of the advantages of internet marketing.

It is a cost effective method of advertising and promoting your business by increasing its visibility. You can choose to optimize your website for the search engines and even send promotional newsletters to your clients. This is far better as you will be able to reach more people within a short duration of time in comparison to using print advertisement.

All the marketing programs are easy to manage. This can be done even when you are on vacation or travelling for business. You can also monitor the progress that your company is making by using this type of marketing strategy.

You are also able to display a lot of information about your product and services online. This will help clients know more about your products and how they can be able to access them, unlike using print medium, where you are only given a limited space and might not be able to market yourself really well.

Your online advertisement will be available at all times for the customers to see. Initially, you will be required to put in a lot of effort but once you come up with a developed system, you will reap the profits easily. Online marketing makes sure that there is a never ending advertisement of your business. ontrastudios.com has excellent recourses and information in this regard if you need more then this article can offer.

The main essence of internet marketing is to have a new market for your business. This marketing strategy will help you achieve this easily and effectively too. You will be able to draw in a lot of traffic to your website and then convert them into clients. You can reap a lot of benefits for your business when you carefully implement this marketing strategy.

Four Benefits Of Calendula Salve For The Family

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Finding natural products that are created from plants, herbs and other natural ingredients rather than the chemicals that are so widely used in products for the family can help to reduce the exposure to toxins and harmful components.


Families that are searching for natural products often choose calendula, as the salve can be applied to many wounds on the skin and helps to reduce common ailments like diaper rash, without irritating the skin or exposing the skin to harsh chemicals.


What are some of the benefits of choosing Calendula Salve for your family?


You Can Make it At-Home

Calendula salve can be easily made from the plant using a simple process that extracts the oil from the plant. Making it at-home can allow you to find an inexpensive and natural way to benefit from the salve that can be created and allows you to know exactly where the product is coming from.


Calendula has Antibacterial Properties

There are many uses for calendula to soothe the skin, but at the same time the salve can help to reduce the chances of wounds becoming infected or diaper rashes becoming further irritated. With the antibacterial properties that are found in the natural salve, you can use it for anything from minor scratches to fungal infections like athletes foot.


Calendula Salve can Regenerate the Skin

If you are a mom searching for a natural way to get rid of those stretch marks, you might be interested in learning about the regenerative properties that are found in the salve at www.juniperdesert.com. Juniper Desert Calendula salve can help to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks that occur through pregnancy on your skin. Applied to the skin over time, you can see a reduction in the depth and the color of the stretch marks.

Calendula Soothes the Skin

Sunburns in the summer months, diaper rashes that aren’t soothed with chemical creams and even chapped skin in the winter — calendula salve can soothe all of these problems and help to heal the skin that has been damaged. Applying it to the skin can even help to prevent diaper rashes and wind burn, making it a must-have for a natural, active family.


Calendula salve is something that should be in the medicine cabinet of every family that is focused on living a natural lifestyle. It’s a great way to soothe and treat the ailments of all of every member of the family, without resorting to chemical laden products.

What To Know About Acquisition Loans

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One way to expand your reach and get more customers as a businessperson is to acquire other businesses. Integrating these into your main enterprise helps you acquire the existing market and customers. With goodwill included in the package, you find that the cost of acquiring a business may be high and you may need external funding from Funding Database. One such funding option is the use of a business acquisition loan.
Quick Approval
When you go for a business acquisition loan, you need to prove to the lender beyond reasonable doubt that you have what it takes to make the business successful. You have to do this by proving your skills, experience and expertise in the business. Apart from this, you need to provide a convincing business plan to the lender before you can access the loan.
Know Your Goals
You need to have a well-documented strategy that maps out your long-term and short-term goals for the business. You also need to have clear documents on how the goals shall be met so that you impress the lender who will know that you know what you are doing. Make sure you make the lender trust you before you can get this loan because you are investing money in a venture that may not be successful.